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Lunch at the foot of Masada

Wake up on a day off with your partner, and surprise them with a special day full of romance and unique attractions.

We will take off from one of the departure sites depending on where you live. We will cruise over the Judean foothills and along the coast and from there we will turn and make our way towards Masada, passing Jerusalem along the way, and from there toward the Judean Desert and one of the most exciting places in Israel (and allow us claim- even the world!).

At noon we land at the foot of Masada, where a gourmet lunch will be waiting with all the amenities. We will finish the meal and take off again toward the Dead Sea, where a pampering spa awaits you at the Isrotel Dead Sea hotel. When finish enjoying everything, our pilot will be waiting to take you back to the starting point from which we took off early in the day, ending the day's special and unusual excursion of a lifetime!

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Documenting the experience

An adventure with us absolutely must be documented. You can choose to film the entire excursion from beginning to end, and to receive a professionally edited DVD disc as a once in a lifetime souvenir.


Lunch at the foot of Masada