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About Us

Isracopter was founded in order to fulfill the dreams of its customers and to provide them with high quality and professional service of the highest standard. Isracopter adapts to each customer and meets any request and expectation.


The company's founder, Ronnie, served in the Israel Security Forces. He specializes in personal security with extensive experience in the areas of tourism, vacations and personal service.


"We live today in an era where we've seen it all, and people’s desire to innovate and surprise in every field is constantly growing," says Ronnie. "That's exactly why I founded Isracopter, to provide individuals with the opportunity to make dreams come true and to surprise their loved ones with a special experience in honor of a joyous occasion or just a unique and deluxe day of fun. The ability of the company to combine helicopter aviation services, personal security and responding to every 'whim', positions Isracopter at the highest level that exists today in personal services to clients.”


Isracopter provides a wide range of services to its customers, such as romantic flights, marriage proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, Bar / Bat Mitzvah flights, scenic flights and more, hotel or B&B reservations, and including the most advanced accommodation of visitors from abroad, from the moment the guest lands at the airport and throughout their stay in the country. Isracopter also has a department of personal security which consists of veterans of the Israel Security Forces which provides personal security escort services at the highest level.


The advantage of Isracopter is the quality of service that it provides to its customers. The scenic helicopter rides that the company provides are of the highest professional standard and many satisfied customers recommend its services. The accommodation  services provided for guests are also outstanding, a guest who comes to visit Israel receives from Isracopter VIP service from their landing at Ben Gurion Airport and until the moment they leave the country.


Many customers praise the professionalism and quality of service they received. When Ronnie hears their praise he knows that his vision has been realized and is already thinking about the next satisfied customer.


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About Us