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Flights over Israel

One of the dreams of all of us since we were small is flying in the sky. We always looked at airplanes and helicopters as a wonder and always dreamed of ourselves as those who are sitting inside, looking down at all the little people and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Today all this is possible! Isracopter offers you a fleet of helicopters that can take you on a flight over Israel and set you down in various places around the country where you can take a hike or a gourmet meal. Tell us what your dream is and we will build the perfect flight plan for you.


? Flights over Israel - what you can see from above


Almost every time we take off, even after hundreds of flights, we still get excited. Flights over Israel are always exciting mainly because of the beauty of our country. We fly over large cities (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem), forests (Ben Shemen Forest, Mount Carmel), the Judean Desert, and even the Dead Sea, Mitzpe Ramon, Masada, and more. The view which can be seen from above is breathtaking, and to highlight this rare beauty we plan a stop at one of the most beautiful spots


Focus Bahai in HaifaMasada - as we see it








Would you like to propose to your girlfriend at the Western Wall? We will arrange a stop in Jerusalem and a luxury car will take you to the Wall where we will prepare everything for you in advance. Want a romantic dinner at Masada? We will bring a chef, a table, and candles, and all that remains is to drop you there and give you the opportunity to enjoy the evening together

Essentially, we canfit each and every one of you with the perfect gift for his or her significant other, and all you have to do is enjoy your dream coming true.


Why to book helicopter ride in Israel

Helicopter rides in Israel are very special and that is because Israel is a small country about 8,522 square miles. Helicopter rides over Israel are very exciting mainly because of the beauty of Israel and vastly different types of landscape.

The spectacular view of the north of Israel is very different from the south, west and east. And everywhere that you will choose to do the helicopter ride in Israel will be beautiful and unique.

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